SALLAN GLOBAL works only with the top technology providers, ensuring the most streamlined customer experience. Kartra for Sales and Marketing automation and funnel building, Stripe and Paypal for flawless subcription control, SendGrid for dropless e-mail, VIMEO for failsafe video storage and reliable streaming, BOX for 24/7 database and file storage.


By partnering with the best providers, we ensure the best service.  That leaves SALLAN GLOBAL free to perfect the solutions we knows best — Sales Training and SaaS sales and marketing automation solutions.


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    The Tools I Use & Recommend

    As a salesperson, trainer and business owner I am always on the lookout for tools, software and automations that can make my life easier and more efficient. Below are some of the tools and resources (both free and paid) that I use and recommend. Check them out.   


    Send your emails & follow-ups automatically,

    but one by one as if you were sending them manually.


    Follow-up automation

    Prepare two follow-up Paths. Set up a Condition that triggers the next follow-up, like this one, once your prospect opens your email a specific number of times. Find out more about if-campaigns.


    Reply detection

    If you get a reply, further follow-ups are automatically stopped. Replies from different address

    forwards and autoresponders are also detected.


    Cold email personalization

    Contact unlimited number of prospects daily with personalized cold emails and build Predictable Revenue.


    Kartra is an all in one sales and marketing automation platform I use every day in my business. All the individual sections of Kartra are woven together so they seamlessly "talk" to each other, without having to configure any integration whatsoever. As a result, the tracking is global!




    Outplay is the new-age sales engagement platform and the only tool your sales team will ever need to crush their goals. Personalized multi-channel outreach at scale. Outplay’s multi-channel approach helps your sales team follow & reach the buyers wherever they are - be it email, phone, Text/SMS, LinkedIn or Twitter.

    Transform your sales team into a closing machine. Get the business proposal software that streamlines the creation of quotes, contracts, and other sales documents.

    Your-All-In-One-CRM. Supercharge sales with the only CRM to offer lead management, calling, email automation, predictive dialers, and more. Close is the only CRM with built-in sales automation.

    Create your videos in minutes with INVIDEO. This is the video maker for the tech hopeless :) Super easy to use and you can turn articles into videos in minutes. Choose from thousands of images, stickers and text boxes to perfectly make your video.

    Create on-brand content with Canva’s Brand kit every time. With the power of Canva's brand templates, fonts and colour palette at your fingertips, you and your team will be sure to produce designs that fit your brand.

    How We Can Help Your Business

    We have extensive experience working with individuals and business to provide the right solutions that have increased revenue, provided operational cost reductions and more.

    • Coaching

      We have extensive experience in coaching sales and customer service teams to success. Our founder, Scott Allan has trained over 1000 people in his career to date who have gone on to sell approximately $300 million in goods and services.

    • Sales & Marketing Automation Tools

      Our team have devised and created proprietary sales and marketing automation software tools that can make salespeople more productive, get results faster. 

    • Public Speaking

      Accused on more than one occasion of being able to speak underwater :), our founder, Scott Allan has delivered talks to business leaders and companies on multiple topics such as the modern customer, outsourcing in Australia, sales and business development.  

    • Online Training Programs

      Our founder has sold digital products to over 3000 happy customers over the last 10 years. He has also won a number of awards for the quality of his online training programs. These programs have covered, social sales, social media and digital marketing.

    • Outbound & Inbound Contact Centre Solutions

      Large scale and high volume inbound & outbound customer contact projects (e.g sales, customer service, help desk/technical support).

    • Custom Training Programs

      Custom training development is available to meet the needs of your sales and business development teams. Our past training has included Social Selling to The Modern Customer, Mass Persuasion Techniques and Linkedin Optimization


    Sallan Global are driven to get results for our clients through our innovative solutions all with the modern customer in mind.


    The results we get for our clients are the driving force behind our training programs and sales and marketing automation solutions.


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